Staying alive (the shelter of my heart)

Tantas veces me mataron,
tantas veces me morí,
sin embargo estoy aquí, resucitando.
Gracias doy a la desgracia
y a la mano con puñal
porque me mató tan mal y seguí cantando.
Tantas veces me borraron,
tantas desaparecí,
a mi propio entierro fui solo y llorando.
Hice un nudo en el pañuelo
pero me olvidé después
que no era la única vez y volví cantando

One Response so far.

  1. So many times they killed me
    Several times I died
    However, here I am
    I thank the misfortune
    And the hand that hold the dagger
    Because it killed me so bad
    And I kept singing.

    So many times they erased me
    Several I disappeared
    In my own funeral I had been
    Alone and crying.
    I made a knot in the handkerchief
    But later I just forgot
    That time wasn't the first one
    And I kept singing.

    (Reaching out,
    hear me now,
    calling out,
    do YOU read me?)